About NianYi

行走的东方喜乐文化 China's Joyful Culture


Preserve the culture of happiness and joy in the East
while firmly rooted in traditional classics

成立于2017年,年衣融合传统元素、现代设计和国际视野,推出了具有东方美感的儿童穿着;将对传统的思考融入到创作中。原创图形、吉祥寓意、重制工艺、强烈色感,是年衣品牌的标志性符号,亦是品牌诠释东方美学精髓的载体, 更是蕴含东方传统精神与多元文化碰撞的新美学

Established in 2017, NianYi integrates traditional elements, modern design, and an international perspective to create children's clothing with an Eastern aesthetic. NianYi incorporates traditional concepts into its creative process, using original graphics, auspicious symbolism, refined craftsmanship, and bold colors as its signature features. These elements not only represent the brand's interpretation of the essence of Eastern aesthetics but also embody a new aesthetic that arises from the fusion of Eastern traditional spirit and diverse cultures.


How The Story Begins


In 2007, a designer made an intriguing observation: China's wealthiest individuals, despite fully embracing Western-style luxury in their private residences, opt for pure Eastern elements in the design of their reception clubs to showcase their hospitality to outsiders.
Before the Spring Festival of 2015, a mother was preparing to buy New Year's clothes for her child. Despite the concept of New Chinese Style having been around for 13 years, she was unable to find satisfactory New Chinese Style clothing for children.
In 2017, the once observation and regret became the starting point for the founding of the 'NianYi'.


The meaning of "NianYi"

“年”富有多重含义也是东方文化重要的组成部分,一年的收获、时间跨度、年龄、岁月交替、新年……许多含义汇聚于此,成为了品牌名称的灵感来源。 也寓意年衣,将陪伴你我每一年的成长。

The Chinese character "年Nian" has multiple meanings and is an important part of Eastern culture. It represents the harvest of a year, the span of time, age, the alternation of years and seasons, and the new year... Many meanings converge in this character, making it a source of inspiration for brand names. It also implies "New Year Clothing," accompanying our growth every year."


Brand Concept

东方古老文化及美学内涵,无时不刻激励着年衣团队的热情。这份热情也赋予了品牌敢于大胆融合焕新传统的勇气,释放出了领先业界的创造力。 将充满东方奇幻色彩的原创图案设计通过服装展示,彰显其独到的美学趣味,打破新中式童装一贯的制式流行。

The rich cultural and aesthetic traditions of the East serve as a constant inspiration for the passionate NianYi team. This passion has imbued the brand with the courage to fearlessly blend the old with the new, unleashing a level of creativity that sets it apart from the rest of the industry. By showcasing original pattern designs full of Eastern fantasy through clothing, the brand highlights its unique aesthetic taste, breaking away from the typical style of new Chinese children's clothing.


Rooted in China, committed to carrying on the traditions of Eastern aesthetics, and promoting the contemporary and global development of Eastern culture.